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"Everyone has room to improve!
No one can take up the entire sky with their wings,
no matter how wide their wings can stretch. "
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United States
hey I'm Olivia

I came here not to become popular or anything, I just want to draw for fun and watch/support/see other people. I really like pokemon and Heartless (from kingdom hearts) and I'm glad you came to visit. oUo


also I'm just a person who just submits a varying amount of art (pictures/drawings/etc.) though I like drawing most

please enjoy your stay and maybe message me or whatever, but we all know you are too awkward to talk to as I am too awkward to talk to you. I8

thank you for viewing!!! ovo

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my plz account
:iconhawhawbombplz: :icon hawhawbomb plz:

1. pixel icon 50x50

2.normal icon 100x100
recent 7/4/14

Semi hiatus is more like full on hiatus, especially when I can no longer use my charger to charge my computer. I don't have access to another charger that might work and even if I did I have to start looking for a summer job so-

1. I can have income

2. need the dough for nice computer (for education and gaming needs? I8 my hopes)

3. because all those who lack money want money to the neat things they can't grab off the shelves without starting a life of crime. (probably ending in immediate failure as I turn myself in for thinking about stealing)

Also I have not done too much with my online goals as I want which is more than disappointing to myself if not others, especially with the KHA group. I really do want to help make a functional and welcoming KH group for fans, the struggle is real I8<
but so is my dumb determination.

Signing up for Northwest Youth Corps again btw, I'll prolly be on a waiting list since I'm signing up so late even though the one I'm aiming for starts around the 23rd.
Maybe I'll lose my noodle arms again... I8 that was some crazy bishnit if you ask me.

locale jobs will also be on my radar and I'll be busy trying to get them?? with family help?? Gosh I'm clueless, but I guess I gotta start somewhere!

I really want to talk to all my friends online, but my asocial and computer issues are in the way >8VV I'll message you baes I swearrrrrr *my pants alight in the flames of I'M A TERRIBU PERSON* jk jk but no really if I haven't talked to you or replied I'm probably thinking about you everyday wondering how to reply or start conversing once I can nail down the thoughts in my head uvu <3
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: the sounds of sports on stepdad's TV
  • Reading: the words in games I play
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: pokemon X, Bravely Default, ACNL, + Kirby
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing

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