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no matter how wide their wings can stretch. "
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hey I'm Olivia

I came here not to become popular or anything, I just want to draw for fun and watch/support/see other people. I really like pokemon and Heartless (from kingdom hearts) and I'm glad you came to visit. oUo


also I'm just a person who just submits a varying amount of art (pictures/drawings/etc.) though I like drawing most

please enjoy your stay and maybe message me or whatever, but we all know you are too awkward to talk to as I am too awkward to talk to you. I8

thank you for viewing!!! ovo

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my plz account
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Goals - 12/8/14 - 1:32 AM

Hey nerds, so I am here often on DA, but still really busy with college. I only got 4 classes and yet not even 8 high school classes could keep me as busy and exhausted even after a good 8-10 hr. rest.

Finals will be over by the end of the week though and I'll bE OPENING COMMISSIONS FOR THOSE OF YOU INTERESTED.
Point Commission's are open!recent info
Currently I'm gathering points for the group :iconKH-Academy: by doing point commission sketches that are colored and so on, much like these two examples.

-commissions will go for 80:points: each
-one character/person/etc. per commission
-I do please ask that if you commission anything leave a good/decent reference ovo
(try to keep the amount of references to 2 or 3 if there is more than 1)
-if there is something extra that you want with it (ex: pokemon trainer and their pokemon) or something feel free to ask and I may say yes or no to it, I like to hear what people have in mind, it's just that I can't spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen drawing all the time, therefore "keeping it simple". pvp
-Please understand that I'm trying to keep this simple so I can better go through commissions without too much delay I would hope
-I can be most busy during the week so please don't get too bothered if I have to foc

Seriously, message me!
Also those images aren't up to date to anything I've drawn recently, but I'll put up new examples as I get and finish commissions!

ALL THE POINTS WILL BE USED TO GET :iconkh-academy: BACK TO SUPER STATUS. :iconkanjilikesdudesplz:
The group is getting fixed up for new members because we can't possibly accept wonderful applicants with a dusty group I8 duh. -that doesn't mean we will wait for super status for enrollment to start!! U8-

Those interested in the group and watch me now know to prepare those APPS! Enrollment starts this month and the official group journal for a heads up will be up. Later in the week a December Enrollment/Event Journal will be put up!

News on Octo

Updating How I go about journals, will soon be donating plasma for nerd convention money, playing DnD HOLY WARBALLS, loving mmo's like Tera/Archeage/Blades'n'Souls/Final Fantasy XIV/Elsword, and it's that time of the year again in which I dig through AS MUCH OF MY DOODLES THAT NEVER GET ON DA FOR WHATEVER THE HELL REASON.

Joined a new RP group so I'm now part of 3 rp groups.
Lots of love and I hope to draw plenty of art  for them =,7,= <33 ..... and dig out the art I've already drawn hiding in my sketch dumps-;;;
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: Ken Ashcorp, that fabulous MF
  • Reading: My own writing and other's
  • Watching: SAILOR MOOOOON
  • Playing: pokemon X and OMEGA RUBY U ALPHA NERDS
  • Eating: apple/cereal/souppppp
  • Drinking: water/malk

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octopusxtimexkeeper has started a donation pool!
0 / 4,800
any points I gain are used for :iconkh-academy:

Will start doing commissions in due time so keep an eye peeled for the journal-

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Igakura Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Student General Artist
eek!! >////< Thank you for the fave
:iconmoeblushplz: ;////; it's much appreciated :heart:
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np :iconidontknowanymoreplz:<3
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woops I just wrote 'no' and almost pressed send-
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We need YOU for SCIENCE.

octopusxtimexkeeper Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It looks like a interesting group, but I must decline. I'm in two (soon three) rp groups and I'd rather focus my energy into those. Thank you for the invite though! uvu
Umbra-Gelidis Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Daaaaaaamn... okay, then, have a nice day anyways ;)
Electrical-Socket Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for the watch - much appreciated! 
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